District of Columbia Child Services (District of Columbia)

A District of Columbia Child Abuse Prevention Center is a government agency at the District of Columbia State, District of Columbia , or local level that is charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect. District of Columbia Child Abuse Centers provide a number of child protective services, including collecting reports on suspected child abuse or neglect, investigating suspected cases of abuse or neglect, and providing services to prevent child abuse and domestic violence in District of Columbia , DC. Child Abuse Offices may also offer training, support, and assistance on how to report and prevent child abuse.

National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence Washington DC 1025 Connecticut Avenue Northwest 20036 202-429-6695

A District of Columbia Child Support Office is a government agency at the DC State, District of Columbia , or local level that assists custodial parents in obtaining financial support for their children. District of Columbia Child Support Offices provide a number of services to support children’s welfare, including establishing paternity, locating non-custodial parents, and collecting District of Columbia child support payments. Child Support Offices also help enforce District of Columbia Court orders for child support and assist families in receiving additional benefits for children. Child Support Offices provide services for anyone in the community who may be eligible for child support payments.

District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services Washington DC 450 H Street Northwest 20001 202-724-5070

District of Columbia WIC Sites Childrens Health Center Washington DC 2501 Good Hope Road Southeast 20020 202-884-6994

Washington Youth Rehabilitation Services Department Washington DC 1000 Mount Olivet Road Northeast 20002 202-576-8175

District of Columbia Child, Youth, and Family Services is a government agency at the DC State, District of Columbia , or local level that provides a range of services to assist children, youth, and families. Child, Youth, and Family Services Offices offer early childhood services, including childcare support, family nutrition programs, and support for children with developmental delays. These offices may also run programs to end youth homelessness, prevent adolescent pregnancy, and prevent violence against children and youth in District of Columbia . Some Child, Youth, and Family Services programs also manage District of Columbia foster care and adoption services.

Washington Child Support Office Washington DC 441 4th Street Northwest 20001 202-442-9900

District of Columbia Juvenile Justice is a division of the legal system at the District of Columbia State, District of Columbia , or local level that focuses on youthful offenders. The Juvenile Justice System incorporates a number of government agencies, including District of Columbia Courts, law enforcement, corrections, and social services. Juvenile Justice Centers offer rehabilitation services, detain youth awaiting formal processing in District of Columbia detention centers, and provide education, counseling, and other services to youth. Juvenile Justice Centers also offer reentry services for youth who have been released from a juvenile correction facility.

Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Washington DC 3300 Whitehaven Street Northwest, 5000 20007 202-687-4942

Washington District Of Columbia Juvenile Justice Washington DC 529 14th Street Northwest 20045 202-662-7035

A District of Columbia WIC Office is a local branch of the Federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). District of Columbia WIC programs provide nutrition assistance for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants, and children. WIC Offices provide services to income-eligible families who require food assistance. In addition to nutritional assistance, WIC Offices provide additional benefits, including health screenings, nutrition and health education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and help obtaining other District of Columbia social services.

Washington Anacostia Health Center WIC Office Washington DC 1500 Galen Street Southeast 20020 202-610-5491

Washington Childrens Hospital WIC Office Washington DC 1630 Euclid Street Northwest 20009 202-476-5479

Washington DC General Family Shelter WIC Office Washington DC 1900 Massachusetts Avenue Southeast 20003 202-436-3062

Washington District of Columbia Brookland WIC Office Washington DC 1305 Rhode Island Avenue Northeast 20018 202-269-0487

Washington District of Columbia C WIC Office Washington DC 508 Kennedy Street Northwest 20011 202-420-7153

Washington District of Columbia Champlain WIC Office Washington DC 2250 Champlain Street Northwest 20009 202-476-6986

Washington District of Columbia Hunt Place WIC Office Washington DC 4130 Hunt Place Northeast 20019 202-388-8177

Washington District of Columbia WIC Office Washington DC 850 Delaware Avenue Southwest 20024 202-548-4549

Washington Enrollment Site WIC Office Washington DC 111 Michigan Avenue Northwest 20010 202-476-5594

Washington Howard University Hospital WIC Office Washington DC 2041 Georgia Avenue Northwest, 1 20060 202-865-4942

Washington National WIC Association WIC Office Washington DC 2001 S Street Northwest, 580 20009 202-232-5492

Washington Unity Health Care WIC Office Washington DC 123 45th Street Northeast 20019 202-388-7752

Washington Upper Cardozo Clinic WIC Office Washington DC 3020 14th Street Northwest 20009 202-299-1554

Washington WIC Office Washington DC 3924 Minnesota Avenue Northeast 20019 202-627-7851